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About Us

Who owns LaLi's Fluff Shop?

The store is owned and operated by Lauryn and Geoffrey.  If you shop in our brick and mortar location, you will meet one of us!  Together we have three children - all girls (and they're all going to be teenagers at the same time), two cats, a dog, and rabbits.   

Why did you decide to open a store?

LaLi's was opened in July of 2013 just before our first child turned one.  It was originally owned and operated by Lauryn and a friend, which is where the name comes from (first two initials of their names).  They were so passionate about cloth diapering and the community that they wanted to bring both to more families.  Over time, the store has grown to include baby carriers, toys, children's tableware, amber jewelry, and more!

Why should I shop at LaLi's Fluff Shop?

Whether you're an online customer or you're shopping at our storefront, each order made is directly supporting a family just like yours.  Your order is what keeps this store open! The odds are stacked heavily against small shops like ours so we do everything in our power to provide you with the best shopping experience possible.  We are knowledgable about the products we carry and offer product support at no additional cost - just call, email, or stop in.